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A team using data and technology to plan business strategy.


At Axiom, we understand that every business is unique and therefore requires a customized approach. That's why we take pride in providing data solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients at every step of the way. As experts in data science and analytics, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality services. But what sets us apart is our commitment to being more than just a service provider: we are a true business partner. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and goals to provide strategic counsel to ensure successful execution. 

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Data Integration

At Axiom, we understand the complexity and challenges of managing CPG trade data. We have developed infrastructure that consolidates and cleans data from multiple sources to create a single cohesive dataset for our clients.

Using Axiom's approach to data integration we are able to provide accurate insights and forecasts for informed trade management decisions. Examples of the insights we can provide include everyday pricing analysis, promotion and lift studies, as well as an understanding of the seasonality of each SKU. Axiom is able to provide clients with more accurate insights and forecasts empowering them to optimize their trade fund management.

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Targeted Insights

Many CPG companies have retail data at their disposal but often under-utilize the available insights. At Axiom, we have spent years creating and refining our models and algorithms, allowing us to do a deep dive into the true nature of how your products are performing in the market. With our data-driven approach, we are confident in the accuracy of our process to drive pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions while staying within the targeted trade fund budget.

Axiom's targeted insights process occurs after an initial data integration process, as consolidated, clean data is necessary for accurate modeling. Our next step is to analyze the cleaned data and provide insights which we use to drive informed decisions across all our customers trade fund needs. These insights allow us to optimize everyday pricing, understand seasonality, and determine the type and frequency of promotions for individual retailers and chains.

  • Everyday Pricing insights use our elasticity analytics that account for the impact of key metrics such as distribution, seasonality, and competitor product behavior. We look at profit splits (manufacturer-distributor-retailer), pricing subsidization, and flexible margin scenarios.

  • Promotion insights start with custom sales lift estimates to best represent your unique promotional scenarios. We incorporate the impact of features, displays, and TPRs in addition to strike and discount to create a thorough picture of your promotional strategy.

  • Distribution reporting is completed down to the SKU level, and includes tracking velocities, ACV, category distribution, stores selling, and slotting fees. We’ll pinpoint your largest opportunities, and investigate what it will take to act on them. 

  • Seasonality calculations use cleaned data to adjust for the impact of pricing, promotion, and distribution variances. The seasonality curves calculated for each product inform all other reporting towards a more accurate historical picture. 

Axiom provides a series of individually tailored reports to build a comprehensive historical overview of your sales and trade activity. These reports help our clients make decisions for maximizing ROI, distribution, and/or promotion strategies in the trade planning process.

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Strategic Counsel

The team at Axiom is devoted to understanding the full strategic direction of our clients, and finding ways to optimize the balance between sales performance and trade allocation. We leverage our CPG experience to provide recommended actions within pricing, promotion, and distribution that work towards achieving your targets.

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Trade Planning

Our full-service account planning is completed in partnership with key stakeholders in sales, marketing, and finance. Using the information gleaned from our targeted insights we plan everyday pricing, promotion, and distribution by product group and retail account. All while incorporating your custom goals and constraints, and tracking against these in real time.  

We collaboratively build out multiple action plans to compare different scenarios and forecast the impact of trade activity dynamically.

Hand holding up arrow icon representing Execution Tracking

Execution Tracking

Axiom prepares go-to-market trade strategy presentations and provides advice to assist our clients in retail account planning. These data-backed selling stories are built to showcase the success of your products and strategies, whether it’s new SKU adoption, an everyday price change, or a new promotional strategy.

We integrate new point-of-sale data to track actuals against forecasts, to flag large deviations from forecasts/planning, to refactor forecasting if needed, and to maintain accountability with retail partners.

Data Integration
Targeted Insights
Strategic Counsel
Trade Planning
Execution Tracking
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